Splum is a location in Hungry Shark World located on the right side of the Arctic Ocean. It is a small restaurant that, from its appearance, probably sells burgers. The area is polluted as it contains lots of garbage and a pipe that ejects something green into the water. There will be around 2-3 people near the restaurant ready to order something.

IMG 3667

A Bull Shark Near the Restaurant.

Entities and Items


  • Splum is the only area in the game that will not tell you if you are close to it. It is also unlabeled just like Puffin Rock.
  • When you are near the restaurant, you can hear energetic music.
  • Splum is apart of Glutwell, a fictional company in Hungry Shark World. The two other Glutwell areas are the Garbage Dump in the Pacific Islands and the Oil Rig in the Arabian Sea.
  • According to the Glutwell website, this is the first fast food restaurant in the Arctic Ocean.
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