Squid are invertebrates that appear in Hungry Shark World. They are located in all waters of the game. Their most common locations are in chambers where there are groups of squid. Squid also appear alone in deep waters. Their attack method is shooting several clouds of ink at the shark and hit your shark. They can be eaten by an M shark and up. They come in a variety of different sizes, the small ones are found in caves with several squid most of the time, and the bigger ones similar in size or bigger than your shark are usually found alone in secret areas but can sometimes be in those caves.


  • Squid also appear in Hungry Shark trilogy.
  • In the game when you have to eat multiple squid for a mission, it says squids. This is a grammatical mistake as the plural of squid is squid. The same goes for the plural of sheep and moose.
  • There is a place in the Pacific islands that gives you a lot of coins and has 1 squid. It has a giant wall made from jade, so only XL and higher could enter that.
  • Squid have a boss counterpart, the Colossal Squid as of Update 1.7.
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