Mission Descr
Standard Missions
are missions assigned to every standard (i.e: non-Top Secret Lab) shark in Hungry Shark Evolution. Every standard shark is assigned a total of eight standard missions, in addition to one Super Mission. Standard Missions are unlocked when their corresponding Mission Shells are unlocked, and completed when the specified objective is accomplished.

Unlocking Standard Missions

Standard Missions are unlocked by discovering the multitude of Mission Shells scattered across the Hungry Shark Evolution map. These shells can be found more easily with the use of the Mission Map, which reveals the locations of the Mission Shells for the shark in play. Once the shell is found, it unlocks a specific mission for completion. There can be multiple shells for one mission.

Completing Standard Missions

Standard Missions are completed when they are unlocked and the objective is accomplished. The objectives for each mission can be found by tapping the Mission Shell icon in-game. When the objective is accomplished, a message bearing the mission's name in green will appear, and you will receive a sum of coins.

When all Standard Missions are complete, then the Super Mission will be unlocked. The Super Mission has a different objective to the Standard Missions, since it is completed when a certain score is passed rather than when a specific objective is accomplished. Any mission is to be completed in a single game, not overall.

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