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The three upgradeable stats.

Note: This term is colloquial, but its official term has not been confirmed by the developers.

A stat is a vague measure of the effectiveness of one aspect of a shark in Hungry Shark Evolution. For example, it is possible to say:

  • Megalodon has a high bite stat because it can eat prey quickly.
  • The Reef Shark has a poor boost stat since it runs out so fast.
  • The Great White Shark has a good speed stat because it swims at a reasonably fast speed.
  • The Hammerhead Shark has a moderate health stat at 150 hit points.

There are four aspects in Hungry Shark Evolution that are considered stats: bite, boost, speed, and health.

Bite is the measure of how fast the shark can devour prey.

Boost is the measure of the shark's boost capacity.

Speed is how fast the shark can swim normally.

Health is the measure of how much damage your shark can withstand before dying of hunger.

Only three stats are upgradeable and can be upgraded for increasing amounts of coins: Bite, Boost and Speed. The three upgradable stats have six levels of sophistication: minimal, level one, level two, level three, level four, and level five. These levels can be seen by looking at the accessory shop, looking at the shark profiles. Top-Secret Lab sharks have unknown stats since they cannot be upgraded.

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Upgrading the Bite stat increases its power by 20%.

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