Stingrays are creatures in various Hungry Shark games that are hostile, they attack by whipping with their tails.

They can be consumed by the mako, along with more powerful sharks. Stingrays have a medium danger level, despite their damage (which in some cases being twice a much as than some creatures with a higher danger level Jellyfish), and a medium reward when eaten.


Stingrays usually appear in groups of two or three. They can attack in unison, which can make them lethal, but also allows for a quick health top-up. Stingrays can stab the shark from a long range so it is best that you attack with speed and boost away if they are preparing to attack.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

In Hungry Shark World, stingrays are more brighter in color and are faster in swimming. They are eatable by S tier sharks and above. They also come in shoals of bigger numbers and smaller size. They don't seem to be based off of the giant freshwater stingrays from Hungry Shark Evolution.

IMG 4591

A stingray as it appears on the missions screen


  • They are based on the Giant Freshwater Stingray (which can be distinguished mainly due to their grey(ish) colour).
  • It is unknown which species the ones from Hungry Shark World are based off of.
  • There's a glitch that makes Mako Sharks immune to Stingrays.
  • In both Evolution and World, stingrays can cause damage to Hammerheads. However, in real life, Hammerheads are immune to stingray stings.

Stingrays from Hungry Shark: Part 2

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