Sunken Treasures are special items in Hungry Shark Evolution. When found, they award you with varying amounts of coins, and they have a small chance of rewarding gems. As of V3.9.2, there are 15 treasures to be found. For every sunken treasure you collect, the value of the next treasure increases. The next section covers the coin increase in detail. This is useful for getting coins as well as completing missions.

Complete treasure map, click to enlarge

Coin reward

Take the number of sunken treasures you found then multiply it by the preceding number, i.e. one less than your amount of treasures. Now divide by two, then add 1, and finally multiply by 25.

Example: The amount of found treasures is 7. Multiply it by 6, giving you 42. Divide 42 by two, giving you 21. Add 1, giving you 22, and finally multiply by 25, giving you 550 coins. This formula only works for at least one treasure found and is condensed in the following:

The following table shows the results of the calculation:

Treasures found... Coins rewarded...
1 treasure found 25 coins
2 treasures found 50 coins
3 treasures found 100 coins
4 treasures found 175 coins
5 treasures found 275 coins
6 treasures found 400 coins
7 treasures found 550 coins
8 treasures found 725 coins
9 treasures found 925 coins
10 treasures found 1150 coins
11 treasures found 1400 coins
12 treasures found 1675 coins
13 treasures found 1975 coins
14 treasures found 2300 coins
15 treasures found 2650 coins

List of Sunken Treasures

There are 15 sunken treasures. Collect them for bonus in-game currency. However, some treasures are located in dangerous places which makes them restricted to the Great White Shark, Megalodon, Ice Shark and Robo Shark, unless a very skilled player is able to collect them with less capable sharks.  Below is a list of all the Sunken Treasures, in no particular order:


  • Some of the sunken treasures occasionally make a different sound effect. For example, when you find the Wakaba, the sound "WAKABA!" is played. Similarly, when you find the Framed Picture of an Egg, the sound of someone saying "A framed picture of an egg" is played. However, not all sunken objects will play the sound of their name being read out; the most common sound is the sound of a gong and then a cheerful instrument being played.
  • "Picture of an Egg" is a reference to Kingdom of Loathing, in which a picture of a harpy eagle egg appeared.
  • It is unknown why the moon on a stick is so heavily guarded. However, you can also reach the tunnel of death by going under the tiger drop-point, as it is not so heavily guarded there. 
  • Shark of the Covenant is a pun that makes reference to the Ark of the Covenant, a biblical chest that contained the Ten Commandments.


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