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The Survival Bonus is a feature of Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World games that is based upon the length of time survived in a game. It is a minor source of coins, but nevertheless is incentive for achieving a longer survival time. The rate of coins awarded for surviving is not constant, and can also be boosted using accessories.


The Survival Bonus awards a small but increasing sum of coins as time elapses. It initially starts off as an incremental increase (only about a couple of coins per minute) and then, gradually, the rate of coin accumulation rapidly increases.


  • The Survival Bonus could once be cheated. When one's shark died, selecting the option of reviving the shark whilst the player had no gems would cause a gem purchasing menu to open up. Closing the menu would allow the Survival Bonus timer to continue counting time, although the dead shark would continue to sink. The player could then leave the game to run by itself, as the game generated more and more coins. About 30 minutes of Survival Bonus time could amount to 3000 coins!
  • The health drain will overwhelm the Survival Bonus usually.
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