The Swimming Pool is a location in Hungry Shark World that is located in the Pacific Islands near the Garbage Dump. There are two ways to enter the swimming pool. You can go through the pipe underwater. The pipe is tight so big sharks like the Megalodon will have a hard time getting through. You can also jump out of the water and make your way into the swimming pool. This may be difficult for smaller sharks for 2 reasons. Reason #1 is that small sharks have a hard time traveling on land. Reason #2 is that there is a slab next to the swimming pool which can block the shark you are using from entering the swimming pool.

Entities and Items

  • Sardines
  • Crabs
  • Small Turtles
    IMG 3647

    A Smooth Hammerhead near the surface of the Swimming Pool.

  • Garbage
  • Swimmers
  • Tube Men
  • Divers ( Occasionally )
  • Bottles
  • Policemen


  • You may occasionally find scuba divers in the swimming pool instead of normal swimmers.
  • The swimming pool is close to the garbage dump which could be the reason why there is small amounts of garbage in the pool.
  • When you are inside of the pool, music will play. This feature was added in the giant squid update.
IMG 3646

A Smooth Hammerhead in the pipe of the swimming pool. Notice that there are small sea creatures such as sardines.

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