The Flea is the baby equivalent of the Leo (Liopleurodon) in Hungry Shark Evolution.


The Flea is a companion for the Leo (Liopleurodon) more powerful than all of the baby sharks before it. The Flea swims alongside the playable  Leo (Liopleurodon).

He also has an error where his tail moves side to side unlike his dad, Leo (Liopleurodon) which moves his up and down.


The Flea costs 900 gems and can only be assigned to the Leo (Liopleurodon).


The Flea will swim alongside the Leo (Liopleurodon) and only stops when it finds prey. If it can't eat the prey, it will stun it until the Leo (Liopleurodon) is out of range or eats it.

It also grants +45% stamina.


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