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The Relic of Mr. Snappy is a special item in Hungry Shark Evolution. It is discovered when your Great White Shark reaches level 3. The Relic of Mr. Snappy is the fossil of Mr. Snappy's skull. It has no purpose in the game other than to hint the Mosasaurus' presence in the game. It gives you a hint that there are sharks that are to be unlocked even after the Great White Shark, since upon initially unlocking the Megalodon Relic and Big Daddy Relic the Great White Shark appears to be the final shark in the game, though this is not the case.

When you unlock the Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus) and play a game with it, the Relic of Mr. Snappy is replaced with Mr. Snappy itself. Once you level Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus) up to its maximum percentage, it becomes available for purchase.


  1. The Relic of Mr. Snappy is a unique item, similar to The Relic of MegalodonThe Relic of Big Daddy and The Relic of Alan. It serves absolutely no purpose other than to suggest that Mosasaurus is the "shark" after the Dunkleosteus; it cannot be equipped, cannot be found in the map and has no quantitative benefits.
  2. You unlock the relic when reaching level 7 with a Megalodon.
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