• The map is so small. One time my shark ate everything on the map and died of hunger. Plus it's boring to see the same map over and over. What if new sharks = more maps?

    Reef : Basic Map Mako : Intermediate Map ( More dangerous ) Hammerhead : Advanced Map ( Even more dangerous ) Tiger : Ocean Map ( No land just ocean and marines and rock formations. Also a huge sunken ship you can explore and with a boss like Crab Lair ) Great White : Skull Island ( a giant version of Skull Island Mega : Spawns in a very very deep part of the ocean. A bunch of creepy fish here. ) Big Daddy : Same as Mega Mr. Snappy : Same as Mega

    Electro : Spawns in the Amazon River. Hunters, jungle animals, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, etc. ( Immune to salt )

    Ice Shark : Artic Map, giant one

    Robo Shark : Robo - Land

    Lava Shark ( once it comes out ) An ocean of lava.

    When you click play on your shark you can select a map that you have unlocked so far.

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    • yeah that would be cool.also it would be nice if tyere are missions for maps,instead of sharks for : get 25000points with the mako shark on the hammerhead place.(its when you get a shark you can unlock a new area and not when you play a certain shark it will automatically go to that area...right?)

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    • When you press play. It goes to a map selection screen.

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    • Hungry Shark wrote:

      In just a few days, a new update will be introduced to both World and Evolution! We will be adding a Helicoprion to Evolution, as well as an Electro Shark to World. We are also adding a new gadget, the Firework Jet Pack, to World! It allows you to move like a berserker. It also allows you to fly! Another new content added to World is the Nian boss! The Nian can be fought only by L sharks and up. It will fight with slashes, and bites. You must dodge these, then bite the head. And, we are also adding the Ghost Baby and Zephyr Shark to Evolution! The Ghost Baby can float through obstacles to catch prey! The Zephyr Shark is a new Top Secret Lab Shark that has the diet of a Great White! It will blow out gusts of wind, when you boost, that blows away larger enemies! We hope you enjoy the update! Like we said, it will be out in just a few days!

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