• It would be located all the way at the right side of the map. It would contain blue jellyfish. Going deeper reveals green, then pink. It would be a disaster for beginners, but a feeding zone for high levels.

    In pirate cove there should be a ship you can explore. It will also contain a boss. There are multiple treasure chests in the ship too. Krakens are the boss.

    Rewards :

    Small Tresure Chest : 250 gold ( uncommon ) Medium Treasure Chest : 600 gold ( rare ) Big Tresure Chest : 1000 gold ( very rare ) Treasure Vault : 3000 gold ( after defeating a boss a hidden door will open to a Treasure Vault containing 3 Big Treasure Chests adding up to 3000 gold )

    Boss Rewards :

    Purple Kraken : 1400 gold 250 HP 35 DMG Black Kraken : 2000 gold 300 HP 50 DMG Red Kraken : 4300 gold 500 HP 75 DMG Green Kraken : 9000 gold 780 HP 90 DMG

    There are also many artifacts and mission shells here. You can also gain pirate gear that you equip on your shark instead of buying them in the shop.

    Hazards : Few toxic barrels, but tons of mines. Great white and hammerheads spawn here. Various fish spawn inside and outside of the ship. The ship should only appear if you are a Tiger Shark Level 9 or above, or else the space where the ship is supposed to be is not there. Once you reach Level 9 there is also a sign on the beach saying " Cruiser Ship Missing! " also.

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    • on the far right of the map there is blue,green and pink jellyfish in an area,but i guess you are meaning something on a bigger scale.Oh i do agree about the boss part,it should also be like the giant crab boss that you have to do many attacks before defeating it,unlike the enemy big daddy where you can gobble it up in a sec with another big daddy or better.Oh the boss should also give gems.

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    • Yep. Also, the jellyfish are all clumped together, a very big scale. Like a school of jellyfish.

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    • Hungry Shark wrote:

      In just a few days, a new update will be introduced to both World and Evolution! We will be adding a Helicoprion to Evolution, as well as an Electro Shark to World. We are also adding a new gadget, the Firework Jet Pack, to World! It allows you to move like a berserker. It also allows you to fly! Another new content added to World is the Nian boss! The Nian can be fought only by L sharks and up. It will fight with slashes, and bites. You must dodge these, then bite the head. And, we are also adding the Ghost Baby and Zephyr Shark to Evolution! The Ghost Baby can float through obstacles to catch prey! The Zephyr Shark is a new Top Secret Lab Shark that has the diet of a Great White! It will blow out gusts of wind, when you boost, that blows away larger enemies! We hope you enjoy the update! Like we said, it will be out in just a few days!

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