• Alongside the usual Bite, Speed, and Boost stats, does anyone think an endurance/armor stat would come in handy? I envision this stat functioning as a defense stat. We already have an offensive stat with the bite stat. The endurance stat wouldn't change how the shark loses health though it's normal metabolic rate. The shark's energy would still decrease slowly making it necessary to eat. However, the endurance stat would decrease how much damage the shark takes when hitting dangers such as mines and the like or when attacked by enemy creatures.

    As the player powers up the endurance stat, the shark would sustain less and less damage from these sorts of dangers. When the stat reaches 100%, the shark becomes completely invincible to all dangers and enemy attacks. At this point the player would only have to worry about the shark's health decreasing from hunger.

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    • Every shark? I think that only the BD should have nigh-impenetrable endurance as it is the most powerful. Each shark could resist at least a bite from the enemy great white when endurance stat is upgraded to maximum.

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    • only till the damage is mostly absorbed but there will still be damage

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    • Hungry Shark wrote:

      In just a few days, a new update will be introduced to both World and Evolution! We will be adding a Helicoprion to Evolution, as well as an Electro Shark to World. We are also adding a new gadget, the Firework Jet Pack, to World! It allows you to move like a berserker. It also allows you to fly! Another new content added to World is the Nian boss! The Nian can be fought only by L sharks and up. It will fight with slashes, and bites. You must dodge these, then bite the head. And, we are also adding the Ghost Baby and Zephyr Shark to Evolution! The Ghost Baby can float through obstacles to catch prey! The Zephyr Shark is a new Top Secret Lab Shark that has the diet of a Great White! It will blow out gusts of wind, when you boost, that blows away larger enemies! We hope you enjoy the update! Like we said, it will be out in just a few days!


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    • 100% upgr means only a little damage. None is too much.

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    • A FANDOM user
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