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Tier !! is currently the penultimate tier in Hungry Shark World and contains the second-greatest sharks in the game. For more information on tiers, read 'Size Tiers' on the wiki.

The tier !! sharks all have rapid health drain but can consume a great amount of food.

Tier !! sharks range in price, but they are always under 200 Gems while on sale.



The Megalodon is the first Tier !! Shark that can be unlocked by getting an XXL shark. The Megalodon, unlike the rest of the (!!) sharks, has no special ability.

Legendary Great White[]

See here.

Big Momma[]

Big Momma has become the female equivalent of the character Big Daddy (HSE). Her ability is that she does not take any knock-backs and can't be stunned by divers.

Killer Whale[]

The Killer whale is the second "Shark" in the franchise to not be a fish but a mammal, the first one being Natasha the Narwhal in HSE.

It's abilities are that it:

  • Takes less damage outside of water.
  • Can jump high and large distances.
  • Can flip in the air (This has no real impact on gameplay, but it's a nice feature).

Atomic Shark[]

The atomic shark is a mutant Tiger Shark with some unique features such as a three-finned tail and arms. Its abilities are as follows:

  • It can heal using the toxic barrels which are deadly to other sharks.
  • Unlike other Sharks, it can eat Red Jellyfish without the use of the Jelly Eater perk or a Mega Gold Rush.

Zombie Shark[]

The Zombie shark is a deceased Megalodon that has been reanimated. It is grey in colour and has several injuries, scars, and cuts throughout its body. It's perks are:

  • It can turn three bitten enemy sharks into zombies. The zombified sharks will act like pets, and they will start to eat nearby prey, giving the player extra points and health.
  • The Zombie Shark and its followers will explode upon death, destroying all around them.

Mr Snappy (Mosasaurus)[]

Mr. Snappy, despite not being a shark but an ancient aquatic reptile, has made a comeback in Hungry Shark World as the latest Tier !! Shark. His abilities are as follows:

  • His tail can be used to whip enemies.
  • Has a special boost ability.

Buzz (Helicoprion)[]

See here.

Veteran Great White[]

See here.


See here.

Dark Magic Shark[]

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