Tier !! is currently the best tier in Hungry Shark World which has the strongest sharks in the franchise. They're basically HSW's equivalents to the secret lab sharks.

For more info on tiers, read 'Size Tiers' on the wiki.



The Megalodon is the first Tier !! Shark that can be unlocked by getting all XXL sharks. Megalodon unlike the others has no special ability.

Killer Whale

The Killer whale is the second "Shark" in the franchise to not be a fish and to be a mammal. It's abilities are that

  • Takes less damage outside water
  • High jumping able to cover large distances
  • Can flip in the sky (Not really necessary but hey, it's a feature.)

Big Momma

Big Momma is supposedly female version of the character Big Daddy. Her ability is the fact Speargunners can't stun her.

Atomic Shark

The atomic shark is the closest HSW Shark to a lab shark and is literally a mutated Tiger Shark. It's abiities are that

  • It can heal using toxic barrels which are deadly to other Sharks
  • Unlike other Sharks it can eat Lion's Mane Jellyfish without the use of the Mega Gold Rush.

Zombie Shark

The Zombie shark is the second last Tier !! Shark added in the 1.6.0 Update of Hungry Shark World, it resembles the Megalodon, only blue-ish color wise, and has several injuries, scars, and cuts throughout it's body, it's abilities are:

  • It can turn three bitten enemy sharks into zombies. The zombified sharks will also act like a pet, and they start to eat any prey, giving the player extra points.

Mr Snappy (Mosasaurus)

Mr Snappy has made a comeback in Hungry Shark World as the latest Tier "!!" Shark, despite not actually being a shark but a Prehistoric Sea Lizard. His Abilities are:

  • His tail can be used to whip enemies.
  • Has a special boost ability.

Buzz (Helicoprion)

See here.

Robo Shark

See here.


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