Here are some tips and tricks for Hungry Shark Evolution and World!

Hungry shark Evolution


Upgrade Natasha to level 8 (play a lot on a game session with Natasha), then tusk an enemy electro shark. It will start to defend itself by electrocuting, but it backfires on prey.

Minelauncher Natasha

Upgrade Natasha to level 6, then tusk a Mine, level 10 can tusk a Mega Mine. It will blow up prey inside the circle shape the explosion makes, if you have a lower level, You can tusk the mine and it'll explode, destroying nearby prey, but be careful and try not to hit it with your mouth or sides.

Pyro all the way!

When you unlock the Lab sharks save up for the Pyro shark which is 180,000 coins or 900 gems.It maybe alot but the Pyro shark is one of if not the best shark in the game.It has 3 powers unlike the others who have only 1 ( or two if you are the robo shark ). It can breathe fire, fly like a robo shark, cause meteor showers during gold rushes, and is also immune to fire geysers.


Shark skipping

In HSW you have the choice to skip through sharks via buying them with gems and Getting a Mako but not getting the other L sharks for example. The only downside is that you can't go to the Arctic Ocean or the Arabian Sea without a certain amount of sharks.

Jelly Junkie

Save up for Kraken since he can eat all jellyfish. The kraken can also be given to you for free if you sign up for pre registration for Hungry Shark World.
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