Barrel Of Toxicness

Toxic Barrels are barrels found in Hungry Shark Evolution which leak a toxic green substance. If your shark gets too close, it will lose health at an accelerated rate, similar to the effect of poisonous creatures such as Jellyfish. Toxic barrels are inedible and are one of the few inedible hazards in Hungry Shark Evolution. Both Sharkjira and Moby Dick are immune to the Toxic Barrels, and Sharkjira can destroy them with his Atomic Breath.For some reason,the Abysshark is not immune to toxic barrels.

In Hungry Shark World, only the Atomic Shark isn't harmed by the toxic barrels. In fact, it shows "charging" and then "charged" after spending time near one, increasing its speed & health. The effects wear off gradually until it is charged near a barrel again. Treasure chests (HSW) occasionally hide among the barrels also, only becoming visible when a shark makes contact with them. 

Points Reward

As toxic barrels are inedible and indestructible (except for Sharkjira - see Ocean Cleanse), they do not yield any reward, and their only purpose in game is to pose a challenge to the survival of your shark. However, they emit only a small puff of green liquid, so it is easy to avoid them.


  • Toxic Barrels are typically found in narrow underwater passageways, where it's difficult to avoid them.
  • Toxic Barrels are usually placed near mines and their variants to create a challenging environment.
  • Toxic Barrels are inedible to all sharks under Moby Dick and Leo and Nessie.
  • Toxic Barrels are now removed from the Museum, as King of Summer, Enemy Big Daddy and Ultra Mine were added to the museum.
  • Leo can destroy and the rocks they sit on, indirectly destroying them.
  • Moby Dick and Sharkjira are both immune to the barrels, but Leo and Nessie are not.
  • We do not know how the toxic barrels got here, possibly atomic barrels that broke and emitted green liquid.
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