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The Treasure Map is one of the three maps in Hungry Shark Evolution. It costs 130 gems, making it the most expensive map in the game. It displays the location of all Sunken Treasures and portals. The Crab Lair and the Daily Reward Treasure Chest that were already on the Basic Map are also displayed. However, if you expect to find event collectibles such as Easter eggs, gems, mini-subs, or larger enemy sharks you will be severely disappointed. Therefore, unlike the Mission Map, this map cannot strictly be recommended.

Purchasing the Treasure Map

Map Of Treasure
In order to purchase the Treasure Map, you must first purchase the Basic Map. Then, the Treasure Map can be bought for 130 gems.


The Treasure Map is the most advanced of all the maps. It has the capabilities of the basic map, so it provides a general map of the game location. But that's not all.

The Treasure Map shows the locations of all fifteen sunken objects in the map. On special occasions, such as an Easter update, the Treasure Map revealed the location of collectibles, but as of 2016, Easter eggs no longer show up on the treasure map. The Treasure Map also reveals the location of pieces of the Shark of Liberty - though it shows only piece one per game, as only one may be found per game session.


  • The Treasure Map was once able to show mission shells without purchasing The Mission Map, but that is no longer the case.
  • The only real advantage of having the Treasure Map is that one can randomly collect the sunken items without having to remember which ones are left. Hence, one definitely avoids the humiliation of accidentally making unneccessary and cumbersome detours only to find that one had already collected, say, "Moon on a Stick".
  • The 15 Pumpkins during the Halloween Update were also found using the Treasure Map, but the 2016 Easter eggs not showing up on it suggest it will be of no use in the future.
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