Trained to ride the motorcycle from a young age, he spends his free time performing tricks on dirt tracks.
— In-game description.

The Trials Baby is a baby shark in Hungry Shark Evolution, wearing an outfit, based on that of the character in Trials Frontier.

It was added to celebrate the release of the iOS version of Trials Frontier and gives 2.5 seconds to gold rush, like the Punk Wig and is very helpful in increasing the rate at which gold is collected.

The Trials Baby can be equipped alongside standard babies, thus having two babies at the same time.

Unlocking the Trials Baby

The trials shark can be unlocked for free after installing and starting Trials Frontier. In the iOS version just downloading the game is enough. Even of Trials Frontier is uninstalled just after downloading without having been opened even once, the baby will still exist.

Relationship with Trials Frontier

This baby shark equips a suit similar to, if not exactly the same but in shark form to the character in Trials Frontier. When you have both games, not only do you get this little fella, but in Trials Frontier, you get a shark suit. Awesome!



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