Tropical Fish, are a species of small, striking fish that come in various colors, and appear in all games of the Hungry Shark series. They can be found all over the map in Hungry Shark: Parts 1, 2, 3, Hungry Shark: Night, Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World. They can be eaten by any shark.

Tropical Fish can appear in groups containing only one variety, or can appear in mixed groups.


Tropical Fish yield 10 points when eaten under normal circumstances in Hungry Shark Evolution and they restore only a few health points. The amount of points they yield can be increased with accessories or multipliers. However, since they usually thrive in groups, they can fill up a lot of health.


Tropical Fish can be found almost all over the map in every installment of Hungry Shark. They are found most commonly near land (they are uncommon as you go deeper) and normally appear in schools. However, if disturbed, they will try and flee and will separate. They are the most common prey. They can also appear in Shawaii.


Tropical Fish swim around absent-mindedly, only disrupting this pattern if a shark goes near them, causing them to separate and dart off in different directions, making them slightly harder to catch. The best way to eat Tropical Fish before they dart is to use Megalodon/Big Daddy (for Hungry Shark Evolution) or boost at the school of fish quickly enough to devour them all. Tropical Fish are harmless.


A dying Reef Shark trying to catch a last meal.


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