The Tube Man is a harmless prey that floats in an inflatable tube. They are immobile.

Where to find

The Tube Man is found at the surface of the water and appears randomly. When he is eaten, he restores a large amount of health and gives 200 points.


  • The Tube Man oddly will not notice the player, which makes him an easy catch for said player's shark.
  • If you look closely (and don't eat him immediately), you will see that the man appears to be sleeping.
  • The Tube Man, when attacked, will give an alarming and disturbing scream, as if being mutilated brutally.
  • One Tube Man will always be present where the beach ball (Skull Ball in Halloween Update) spawns.
  • He restores the most health out of all the humans.
  • Sometimes, he appears in a red tube.
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