Tuna are fish in all the installments of the Hungry Shark series. They are useful sources of food, and can be eaten by every shark. The size of each tuna fish is not the same - the range from the largest to the smallest tuna fish is very vast. Fortunately, all tuna fish yield the same rewards.
Supah Tunah


Tuna are somewhat common fish that reside in schools of varying sizes. They replenish a fair amount of health, enough to sustain your shark until it can find more filling sources of food. Tuna can be a life saver in difficult situations, as they spawn in medium depth points on the map, which is where the dangers lie. A shark at critical health can eat a Tuna fish and be nourished for a few seconds.


  • Tuna spawn in schools of varying sizes; sometime in groups of three to massive groups of over ten.
  • Tuna are worth 50 points.
  • Tuna can spawn in the Crab Lair, which makes it a good source of food when fighting the Giant Crab.
  • They also spawn more frequently in the Crab Lair.
  • Tuna are usually found in deep water.
  • Sometimes two schools of tuna can be found near the underwater "island" covered with toxic barrels near the tiger shark spawning place, to the left of the "underwater current" passage.
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