The Turkey Fish is a new creature that was added to Hungry Shark Evolution in the Thanksgiving update of 2014. It appeared only on the day of Thanksgiving. The Turkey Fish, as its name suggests, is an already beheaded, cooked, brown, and stuffed turkey on a golden dish. However, it is golden, brown and purple in color. Its body has holes that resemble a face.


Turkey Fish

Turkey Fish after an attack on the Great White Shark.

The turkey fishes usually swims alone, and they charge at your shark like an Angler Fish, Seal Pup, or a Gulper Fish but inflicting less damage. It is one of the creatures that will always yield a gem when eaten.


It was found more or less everywhere on the Thanksgiving Day, but then it got deleted. However, It can still be found in the Christmas Wonderland.


  • The turkey fish has a Unique accolade
  • Turkey fish sometimes spawn in the winter wonderland
  • Turkey fish can be eaten by any shark
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