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A turtle being eaten

Turtles are creatures in the Hungry Shark series. They are often a welcomed sighting, because, unlike with any other creature in the game, (Except the penguin) when consumed Turtles replenish full Boost energy. Due to this, they are extremly useful when you are traveling against an Underwater Current.

Appearance in the Hungry Shark series

In the Hungry Shark series, turtles restore your shark's boost to the maximum. Boost is essential for speeding up your shark's movement and increasing attack power.

Appearance in Hungry Shark Evolution

In Hungry Shark Evolution, turtles are just as important as before. They completely replenish the active shark's boost meter, and provide a moderate amount of health replenishment. Turtles can be affected by accessories such as Lasers and Shark Vortex.


Turtles are generally found in large, open areas of space. They normally spawn individually but in two particular locations, near Skull Island, and the Big Daddy spawn, the turtles spawn in one gigantic group.

They also spawn in the Crab Lair to help replenish boost, which is essential for fighting the Giant Crab.


Turtles swim fast in Hungry Shark Evolution. However, when using boost, turtles can be easy to catch.

Sometimes, turtles seem to hide behind mines to protect themselves, but this is probably just a bug.

Eating Turtles

Turtles make the iconic crunch sound when eaten. When eaten, turtles completely fill up your shark's boost, and refill a decent amount of health. The Baby Reef Shark cannot eat the turtles, and will instead clamp onto its shell in a vain attempt to eat them. However, this will stun the turtle so you can eat it with ease. (Hammer baby and above can eat them) If you watch your shark's boost capacity, when you eat a turtle, your boost capacity will be full again very quickly.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

In Hungry Shark World, there are now small turtles and giant turtles. Small turtles can be eaten by any shark, but giant turtles require a M shark or above to eat it. Giant turtles max boost. Turtles can also be found on land near the right and left edges of the map in the Pacific Islands. In fact, there are sometimes more turtles than tourists on the Island of Heads.


A giant turtle as it is seen in the missions screen


  • There is a glitch where Turtles will spawn inside Diving Cages.
  • Turtles will spawn more frequently in the Crab Lair.
  • In Hungry Shark World, turtles are common near the Island of Heads in the Pacific Islands.
  • In Hungry Shark World, in the Pacific Islands, at the island to the very east of the Pacific Islands, sometimes an oversized large turtle spawns there.
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