An underwater current is an element of gameplay that can hinder or help your shark swim. An underwater current is a constantly active feature of gameplay that travels in one direction.


Underwater Currents can be found prominently in between two underwater rock formations, rarely anywhere else. Only 4 of them exist on the primary Hungry Shark Evolution map. Currents can’t be found in any of the locations accessed through portals as of yet.



Underwater currents push anything in their way in the direction that the current is travelling. If your shark swims against an underwater current, its speed will be significantly reduced whilst it is doing so. If your shark swims along with an underwater current, its speed will be significantly boosted. occasionaly a death mine will spawn inside the current making it sometimes difficult to survive traveling through the current for the megalodon or below.

Appearance In Hungry Shark World

Underwater currents in Hungry Shark World are a bit different from the ones in Evolution. Instead of small bubbles, currents are visible through various wavy lines in the water that move in the direction of the current. The shapes of currents in this game are a bit more wild and’ll often go through various twists and turns. Not only that, but some currents also force water upwards. 2-5 currents can be found in each of the 4 main maps. 2 invisible currents can also be found at the edge of the Boss Battle map that act as invisible barriers.


  • Going through a current in Evolution will give you a blue message at the bottom of your screen that says “Underwater Current“ in a very similar fashion to the “Too Deep! Pressure Damage” message.
  • A sort of splashing sound will play when hitching a ride along a current in World. Riding a current in that game will give you messages such as “Weeeeee!” or “Swimming against the tide!“ in a softer blue text.
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