I've started coming back more recently and then disappearing from society, and then coming back. I feel like this wiki is a bit too inactive. I know we all have personal lives outside of our wikis, but I feel like so little people contribute when there is still so much more needed to add. Hungry Shark World is out now, for a while actually, and we still haven't jotted everything down about Evolution. Also, we do get a few edits everyday to correct some things and add some missing elements. Also, I feel that nobody on this wiki is more inactive than the admins. They are admins because they have to protect this wiki from vandalism, check which pages stay or go, make sure everything remains true to the games, but lately there hasn't been too much activity. Some admins have been gone for a couple of days, some have been gone for months, and there doesn't seem to be announcements about long inactivity. There are still pages that need to be deleted like that nomination for chat mod that a wiki contributor made a long time ago. Also, some users are trying to completely erase content off pages, and there are a lot of problems that regular users can't deal with by themselves. Admins are here to assassinate vandalism, and there's not much here anymore. If you could try to be a little bit more active, that is good, but if you have serious real life problems going on, don't bother coming here, because there's not much people can do about it. If you have vacations or other plans on why you can't come here, don't come here. I understand if you have some things going on in real life that prevent you from coming here, but I know some people can do better than this. Also a note for admins, if you are inactive too much, this wiki might require adoption soon and that's probably something we want to stay away from, so let's try and be a bit more active and see what results we get. I remember when I first came here, there were edits much more frequently.

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