The Megalodon...(Carcharocles megalodon) A beast that lived 18 to 1,5 million years ago and it is in THE GAME...

i wonder what would happen if this shark lived in our time.   Maybe we wont have Sashimi anymore, or Maybe we have Megalodon Sashimi on our plates. How dit it look like? dit it look like a normal shark? was it really just like in Hungry shark? if jurassic world/park was real, was the Megalodon an attraction? THAT WOULD BE COOL!! but the world would be different. threats of megalodons swimming towards the coast. wait... they should make a movie on it!!! yeah, that would be cool. in game, they can bite through boats. can they also chew through the BIGGEST cruise ships? dont think so, but wooden fishing boats? definetly. the Megalodon is 25 Metres long in the game, but reasearch said it was 15 to 18 metres. still, thats BIG. The great white was just 9 metres. long time ago, pepole even thought it was 30 METRES!!! and, it could open his mouth up to 2 metres!!! mostly, it ate dolphins and whales.


O. obliquus

C. megalodon

I. hastalis

C. carcharias

the 4 types of megalodon. dunno what those mean... the tooth of the Megalodon was 13 and a half centimetres long. in comparison to the GW, the GW has a teeth of 3 cm.   Now i think about it, its not a good idea to have one. a lot of work for the butcher, a lot of casualties and a lot of fear. but it would be cool though. only to have it in a GIANT aquarium. in Hungry Shark, it is still not the biggest shark tough. if he lived in our time along with the Dunkleosteus, Mosasaurus and sperm whale, he would just Chew through them. btw, Big daddy is massivly OVERSIZED in the game.

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C. megalodon (red) with the great white shark (green), and a human(blue) for scale. Note: The maximum size attained byC. megalodon is indicated by the 20 m scale.

it is indeed oversized in game, BUT IN REAL LIFE, ITS COLOSSAL TO!! a whale shark is also massive, but eats plankton. 

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