Mr. Snappy has made a return to Hungry Shark World a few months ago, and now I think everyone has forgotten about him, especially after the Robo Shark arrived. I think that everyone now treats the Robo Shark with the respect Mr. Snappy once held before he arrived. We now treat Mr. Snappy as if he was a Megalodon. I think Mr. Snappy should once again be the respected shark he once was, in both Hungry Shark World and Evolution. My reasons are that:

  1. Just because he is not the last shark doesn't mean he can't be the best.
  2. His speed, tail whip, and lunge are activated manually, while the Robo Shark's mines are auto-fire.
  3. He is just... Well, fast. I mean, the Robo Shark is just a Megalodon with a mine launcher. What's so cool about that?
Mr. Snappy's speed is possibly the main thing that makes him stand out from the rest of the !! Sharks. He was once a highly respected shark, and I think he should be once again, in both games.
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