No Offense but hear me out.I'm not trying to offend anybody.

You know it's funny how people still play these games.They're all the same just with a few differences.

This is a rant on Hungry Shark.I'm surprised how these games are so popular.Ever since I gained the Megalodon I realised how boring these games truly are and you know it.These games are only good for passing time while talking a dump and nothing else.The newer sharks cost too much and gamelay is repetitive the thought of somebody spending money on this game or grind alot is simply mind blowing.I used to love this game but now I know it's trash or at least not that good.There's not much interesting ting in the game which is the reason some shark have their own page when in reality there should be page made about their size group since they're practically the same thing just different stats and species.This wiki is now just people adding their ideas that would never actually be in the games like movie monsters and minor changes.When I was around this wiki was more interesting.There was so much stuff to make and improve now it's all gone with a few updates coming in now and then and that's it not even another game would help it would just make it worse.Let's face it the games are not that good which is why I deleted my ideas for the game.

I hope you can accept my opinion on this game whether you agree or not

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