The Volcano is a location in Hungry Shark World in the Pacific Islands near the Island of Heads. There are 4 ways to enter it. There is a small chamber with squid and a volcano background. Bust through the cobblestone barrier and you'll be in the volcano. Since XS and S sharks can not bust through rock barriers, they can take the other way into the volcano. You have to make your way through an ultra mine in order to get into the volcano. The 3rd and 4th way are kinda unorthodox but if you have the jet pack and enough boost, you can boost over 3 land masses from spawn area to the left. The 4th way is to climb up the side of the volcano and enter through the crater. There is not too much space and one small mistake can lead you to death. Inside the Volcano are several volcanic vents that spew out lava and volcanic rock that burns the shark upon touch. The volcanic rock is also labeled red on the map to warn the player that those rocks are dangerous. There is often a Daily Chest in the Volcano.

Entities and Items

  • Squid ( Chamber Only )
  • Evil Great White Sharks
  • Blob fish
  • Sardines
  • Mines
  • Ultra Mine
  • Single Man Subs
  • Divers
  • Cuttlefish
  • Parrots
  • Add anymore things you've spot in the volcano that are not on this list


  • The volcano is very similar to the Crab Lair from Hungry Shark evolution.
  • There is also a volcano in Hungry shark part 3.
  • If you look at the map of the volcano, you'll see 2 rocks that make the shape of a volcano.
  • Some sharks can climb up the 2 rock formations that make the volcano and fall inside the volcano.
IMG 3655

The small chamber right next to the volcano

IMG 3656

The Smooth Hammerhead inside the volcano. Notice the volcanic vent.

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