Wakaba is perhaps the most significant of all the sunken objects in Hungry Shark Evolution - as the developers portray it, Wakaba is a mysterious entity that appears as a white doll with a leaf attached to its head. However, since Wakaba starred as one of the main characters in a separate game created by the developers of Hungry Shark Evolution, Wakaba is proved to be more than just a doll.

Wakaba's Role in Little Raiders


Poor sharks, Wakaba left.

Wakaba is one of the major characters in Little Raiders, a game produced by the same development team that made Hungry Shark Evolution, all the other Hungry Shark games and more. Wakaba serves as the entity which is looked after in order to allow expansion and construction of a home(It eats Golden Acorns to grow Old Oak). Wakaba is a very powerful tree spirit.

It is unknown why Wakaba is so important in Little Raiders, and merely a doll in Hungry Shark Evolution. At the least, Wakaba makes a cameo in Hungry Shark Evolution.


It is found under a short ridge north-west of the entrance to the "Moon on a Stick" treasure area (guarded by a Big Daddy). There are many mines and pink jellyfish near the Wakaba area. It is found at the bottom left corner of this map. Its possible for a Megalodon to spawn there

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Wakaba can:

  • Grow and expand trees by eating acorns
  • Speak
  • Give good advice (amazing)
  • See (how surprising)
  • Eat (again, how surprising)

Though these powers are only accessible in Little Raiders. In Hungry Shark Evolution, Wakaba is simply an immobile doll that can speak. 

Hungry shark evolution, all 15 sunken (hidden) object locations found in one swim using Megalodon

Hungry shark evolution, all 15 sunken (hidden) object locations found in one swim using Megalodon



  • It appears that Wakaba developed its powers after its time in the Hungry Shark Evolution universe, as it is shown in the game artworks that Wakaba leaves the Hungry Shark Evolution world, indicating that Little Raiders takes place in a different time period to Hungry Shark Evolution.
  • The Wakaba is one of the only sunken treasures that speak out it's name when collected, along with the Framed Picture Of An Egg.
  • Three larger than normal Angler Fish spawn above the Wakaba.
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