The largest living shark. Awesome!
— In-game description

The Whale Shark is second XXL-shark unlocked in Hungry Shark World. The whale shark is about 50 feet. 


120,000 coins, other than sales, where it can drop to 90,000.



  • Has the highest health beside "!!" tier sharks
  • Has the biggest hitbox for the XXL tier sharks


  • Huge hitbox may mean you would have to invest a lot in force fields to make sure it is untouched
  • Divers may be your big problem
  • It cannot fit through tight spaces making it uncomfortable to use in some maps


IMG 4316
  • In real life, the Whale Shark is friendly with humans, and doesn't eat them. It is also planktivorous.
    • The difference that in reality, a Whale Shark is sweet and friendly with Humans, and it’s better in the game. In Hungry Shark World, however, it looks ugly and attacks humans.
  • Despite being the biggest XXL shark, it can fit under the swimming pool unlike the Basking Shark and the Great White.
  • Even though the game card says that the whale shark has 414 health, it actually has 362 health.


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