The Wheelchair Boss is a boss introduced in Hungry Shark 3 as the second boss in the Hungry Shark franchise.

He is located in the secret lair, and rolls around in a wheelchair, sitting on a platform, while laughing, and shooting harpoons with a harpoon gun.


The boss battle starts with a person tied up, gagged and hung upside down, as seen in the picture, with some scientists around it. The water will be filled with enemy sharks after the shark eats a scientist.

If the shark jumps up and bites the prisoner, The boss will come down with an elevator, and he'll move left and right on it.

The elevator will go up, too high for the shark to reach, and he will shoot three harpoons, laughing maniacally, then the elevator will go down, and he'll drive around, without shooting. He's vulnerable at that point.

The continously respawning scientists at the sides of the "Arena" will give back a good amount of health, should the shark get hurt.

He needs to be bitten 3 times, and then he will die.


  • He's the only boss in the Hungry Shark Series except for the Colossal Squid and Seal Mama that isn't a Giant Crab.
  • When eaten, the tied man will sometimes give the accolade "I EXPECT YOU TO DIE", from the James Bond film "Goldfinger", given to the spy from the anonymous villain.
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